Raglan cross slide

I milled this from a solid piece of Meehanite. Lots of swarf, lots of cuts, plenty of fun

I milled out the top of the carriage to allow the leadscrew nut to come as far out as possible, and fitted the nut onto the cross slide to give maximum travel. I have struggled to get tools around the side and back of 10″ diameter parts in the past, this should help

Because of the material removed, the cross slide leadscrew is uncovered over more of the slide travel. Here I have milled the top surface of the carriage to form a shallow dovetail sided slot and fitted a dovetailed plate. This has a slot that fits around the feedscrew nut

I don’t use my lathe for milling, so I machined away as much of the height of the cross slid as I could. There is a tee slot at the rear for a parting off tool holder. This has been very successful, I can part off mild steel at maximum spindle speed now

Making that fancy shape around the base of the topslide lead to so weird machine set ups:

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