These are from a ZF10M gearbox that came in recently. This box was showing a reluctance to go into gear. The ZF10M (or the HBW100) is a mechanical gearbox with two plate clutches. This is two of the clutch plates … Continue reading

Lister SR2 part 3

I forgot about this. On top of each piston was a mark: This circle is where the exhaust valve had been touching the piston The crankshaft revealed the age of the engine:  

Lister SR2 part 2

Remarkably, the crankshaft only needed 0.010″ grinding off to clean-up the wear. Likewise, the cylinders have had a 0.010″ rebore. That’s pretty good for a 40 year old engine, and with such a small amount taking off it has a lot of life left … Continue reading

Lister SR2

Deep, deep within the insides of a Lister SR2, we find the crankshaft and bearings. This engine has turned up as it has an unpleasant rumble in it’s guts – a tricky thing to diagnose. Having pulled it apart, this … Continue reading