Gardner 2L2

This engine has become reluctant to run on more than one cylinder – which apparently gets quite disturbing when you drop the engine revs and it stops! After much careful checking it seems that one side of the CAV BPF pump doesn’t want to deliver reliably. So out it comes for refurbishment:

The injector on the non-firing cylinder had a pretty reasonable spray pattern, the running one was a bit droppy, so they’re out for refurbishment too:

At the bottom of that picture are the injector clamps. I want to check those to see how bent they are/should be

While the fuel system is in bits, it’s time to sort out the sealing on the filter housing, and free off the drain tap:

Next step, a bit of careful investigation of the pump, then a trip to Carwoods


March 2013:

After a long and convoluted process involving much puzzling, high water, snow and cleverness, this one is sorted. Number 2 pumping element had swallowed something inappropriate in the past, causing it to put increased forces onto the pump sleeve. This allowed the sleeve to squash the seal at the top and shuffle up and down. Eventually it wrecked the lower seating and would no longer seal at all. So, no diesel delivery

I found a used BPF2 pump body and swapped all the internals.


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