These parts came with the lathe, it took me a while to work out what they were for

The graduated screw turns the worm wheel, in turn -er turning the mandrel. I have used this to make simple dials for feed screws

The worm and wheel are interesting. It took me a while to spot that they originally came from an eccentric chuck, the remains of which came with the lathe

J Munro was a maker of lathes in the 1860s, so this is a bit of engineering history…

Bar Feed

The other Boxford leadscrew, converted into a bar stock pusher. Doing this means that the collet drawbar would no longer work, so:

Collet chuck

This is an old Raglan faceplate machined down and fitted with a front plate. I ground down the collet adapter to clear the inside diameter of the cap. The cap now pushes the collet in from the front, rather than it being pulled in from the back. This seems to work fine

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